The Protocol for Building Web3 Social Media

Welcome to Social.Live, your gateway to a seamless and empowering social networking experience. At Social.Live, we offer a revolutionary platform where anyone can effortlessly build their own social media or network, complete with a comprehensive suite of features designed to foster genuine connections and engagement. With the flexibility to transition off the platform while retaining access to essential infrastructure like APIs and SDKs for user and content migration, we empower creators to truly make their mark in the digital realm.

In the Web3 era, establishing transparent and authentic connections between users is paramount. Our innovative approach ensures that social relationships, encapsulated in the social graph, are not only established but also visibly accessible across all applications, whether they belong to Web2 or Web3 ecosystems. By leveraging decentralized technology to publish the social graph on-chain, we provide users with ownership and transparency over their interactions, fostering a culture of trust and authenticity.

Join us at Social.Live as we redefine the landscape of social networking, democratizing its development and making connectivity and content fundamental rights for all users. Together, let's shape a future where social platforms are not just tools, but transformative experiences.

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